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Jan Tunnis Stob Family Tree - PDF -Printable (87 pages) - December 2013
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A very brief family tree is as follows:

Jan Tunnis Stob (1759-1813):
        He was the first to bear the name of "STOB".
        At the time of his death he left two children:
                Maike Jans and
                Tunnis Jans (1789-?)

Tunnis Jans (1789-?)
        Tunnis Jans was married three times.
        1st wife: Elizabeth Watzes Noord; Died 1826
        2nd wife: Mrs. Pieter Hendriks Mulder, nee Antje Top; Died 1830
        3rd wife: Bontje Alberts Suiderhof

        Children by 2nd wife:
                Willem: Born August 27, 1828
                Martin: Born February 25, 1830

Willem Stob, the eighth son of Tunnis Jan Stob,
was born on August 27, 1828, in Oldehove, Groningen, Netherlands.
He married Geertruide Huizenga, their marriage being blessed with ten children,
7 sons and 3 daughters.

Their 4th son was John Stob (1862-1932)

John Stob, (born November 10, 1862 Pieterburen, Groningen, Netherlands)
married Annie Baker (born January 3, 1868 Uithuizen, Groningen, Netherlands).
They had 10 children:
William-1889, John-1890, Tomas-1892, Cornelius-1894,
Gertrude-1896, Jennie-1898, George-1900, Martin (1902-1904),
Martin-1905, Henry-1908.

This web site is dedicated to the descendants of John and Annie Stob.

Any of the descendants of John and Annie Stob who wish to post information on this web site can contact
Dick Stob at dstob@stobfamily.com